The finest of Highland hotels – the Drumossie hotel

Just outside Inverness, in the centre of Highlands lies the Drumossie hotel. The magnificent location and highly dedicated service have made this hotel suitable for both weddings and conferences. In terms of Scottish Highland accommodation, there is no better location than the Drumossie hotel.

As the ceremony of marriage is one of the most important moments in life, everyone wishes to celebrate it in perfect scenery. For Highland weddings, the Drumossie hotel can bring you the luxury and style you’ve always dreamed of. The professional team is always by your side, helping you to have the time of your life, providing excellent services and culinary delights.

Everyone knows that Scotland is a country of absolute beauty and this is why many people love the idea of Highland weddings. The Drumossie hotel has all it takes, including a splendid ballroom for you to have a perfect wedding day, a true celebration of love and wholeness. The dance floor and the luxurious rooms can also be important for this special day, not to mention the special menu prepared for you, with the finest local Scottish cuisine.

There is a main reason why so many Highland weddings are held here at this very hotel. The countryside setting is particularly appealing to people, especially when it comes to the rich historical culture and multitude of attractions. Many couples in general decide to stay after the wedding and enjoy the silence, and the amazing scenery. With so many activities and attractions, how could anyone not prolong hisher stay

The personnel at Drumossie Hotel can make your wedding a truly memorable experience. Just close your eyes for a second and imagine yourself dancing with your newly wed husband in a ballroom with floor to ceiling windows. On the background you can hear your favorite song – it’s perfect. If you want to have one of the best Highland weddings, you should definitely choose Drumossie Hotel and prepare for an impressive day for all to share.

Recently renovated, the Drumossie hotel can also accommodate delegates for business meetings and couples looking for a romantic getaway. Additionally, the hotel is fully equipped for corporate meetings and conferences, and the attentive staff ensure that they serve the client’s every wish. They have the necessary equipment, having the ability to deliver services for private meetings or big scale conferences.

When it comes to Highland hotels offering romantic escapes, this hotel is at the top of the list. Having incredible prices and great services on offer, it is considered one of the best places for love-birds. Couples can escape from the daily routine and enjoy a stay at one of the finest Highland hotels, being spoiled every moment by the Scottish cuisine and cordial reception.

Having a large number of activities and attractions, the Drumossie Hotel is one of the Highland hotels ideal for outdoor people. One can go off-road driving, cart racing and cycling. For those with a higher sense of adventure, there is rock climbing and hiking. The list doesn’t end there. There is also skiing, tennis and shooting activities to be enjoyed. In terms of water sports, this place has certainly got all it takes, especially when it comes to sailing and canoeing.

Of all the Highland hotels, the Drumossie Hotel can really set your mood for adventure while also arousing your thirst for history. After you spend your time with motor sports or fishing, you can visit some of the local attractions, such as Culloden Battlefield, Fort George Military Museum and Cawdor Castle. If your need for exploration doesn’t stop there, you can also visit a famous Whisky distillery and the home of the Lock Ness monster. Every place is special and has something to offer.

The name Drumossie Hotel is synonymous with luxury, and it is without a doubt a one-of-a-kind place to visit. Situated not far from the City of Inverness, it can provide accommodation for weddings and conferences. This place is also sought by couples looking for romantic ventures. If you are looking for an incredible experience, then this place is perfect for you.