Tapestries, Tradition and Timeless Beauty in Wall Decor

Wall tapestries were originally made for the purpose of adorning the walls of affluent people. Royalty, noblemen, aristocrats and other members of the upper echelons of society bought and used them as a status symbol. In this day and age, these decorative wall hangings have already evolved. They now come in all different shapes and sizes. They are also produced for different purposes, and can now be used as cushions, table runners, place mats, bed spreads, pillow covers, and even bags.

The continued production of tapestries over time shows that their popularity far from diminishing is still strong, if not growing. With falling cost of production and improved quality control tapestries have a great mass market appeal. As with all works of art, demand for antique tapestries remains very strong as people appreciate the links to the past and appreciate the high level of skill involved in creating them.

The timeless nature and exquisite beauty of tapestries has endured throughout the passing of time. A tapestry is the ideal cure for a bland room or a large expanse of wall. Tapestries not only add a splash of colour to a room but have the added benefit of providing texture and enhancing the acoustics of large rooms. Many tapestries tell a story which intrigues viewers and may well act as a reflection of the owners own personality.

The tapestries can be used to create a certain perspective within a room when considering interior decoration. For example, if you have a small room and would want to make it appear larger and more spacious, you can use woven wall decorations that have open-space designs, such as landscapes and coastal scenes. Such designs, combined with the unique depth and texture that can only be imparted to a room by this specific type of artwork, will make the room appear to be larger than it actually is.

Landscape scenes have an enduring appeal to them and are among the most common themes in tapestry design. It could be the sense of escape, being outdoors or simply taking the viewer away from more mundane surroundings that make them a favourite subject. If however you are looking to create energy within a room then a warm and brightly colored design will lift the space and create a positive feel to a room.

Part of the appeal of tapestries is the simply due to their construction and the materials used, they provide texture and a unique three dimensional quality that cannot be replicated by paintings or prints. They provide additional depth by hanging slightly away from the wall creating a warmer ambience, this is ameliorated by the weaving technique utilised.

The long term appeal of tapestries as a popular art form is in no small part due to the populist subject matter they depict. Favorites include Landscape scenes, rural vistas and well known artworks. Museum exhibitions featuring tapestries attract many millions of visitors a year, these tapestries inspire people to display similar pieces in their own homes. A tapestry is a great talking point for homeowners providing a great conversation opener.

There are many reasons to opt for a tapestry depicting a landscape scene, the primary one being the evocative subject matter as discussed previously. A tapestry is a great way of creating perspective within a room, creating a specific mood and generally enhancing the living space. In many ways a tapestry is more flamboyant than a comparative work of art such as a painting or print. With modern machine weaving methods tapestries are available in a vast array of sizes, materials, colors and designs so finding something that matches your taste and budget should not be a problem. There are many designs available that depict instantly recognisable scenes and works of art, these are generally cheaper than bespoke designs without losing any of the appeal.

If you have a huge room and want to make it a bit cozier, you can still make use of a tapestry. Choose those with designs such as cityscapes and medieval scenes in order to make the room appear smaller that it actually is. There are so many different ways by which you can use and enjoy these wall tapestries in your home decor, and they are definitely here to stay.